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Setting up your iPad POS


The hardware needed for the iPad App is more specific than what the web-browser version supports. Here is what we recommend:

  • Apple iPad with iOS 10 and above – see supported devices
  • Star Thermal Receipt Printers – use the models listed below:


  • SocketMobile Scanners (s700 Series) – (optional) – You can also use the iPad cameras (both front and back) to scan items.
  • Square Reader(optional) if you want to use Square as an integrated Payment Processor. Else you can use any payment processor which is not integrated and by manually entering the amount on the device and charging the card.

App Setup

To get started with Primaseller as a POS using an iPad in your store, please follow the below steps:

  1. Configure your account: From Primaseller’s browser based Admin account, please ensure that you have setup the following:
  2. Download and install the Square Point of Sale App for your iPad – connect using the same credentials used to connect your Square account to Primaseller as mentioned in Step 1.
  3. If you haven’t yet connected your Printer to your iPad, download and install the  TSP100III Utility App from the App Store. Configure this app so that it detects your printer and connects to it.
  4. Download the Primaseller App from your iPad App Store . Note that:
    1. The App will not be available on your iPhone
    2. It will be available on the App store after the Beta is complete. Till then, please access using instructions below
      Installing the app during Beta Till 15th September, 2018

      Please follow the below steps:

      1. Install the TestFlight App from your apple app store. This is the official Apple App used to Beta Test apps
      2. Fill this form with the email ID used for your iPad device’s apple ID
      3. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from us with instructions to access the app using TestFlight

  5. Login to your app
  6. Go to Settings from the App Menu and configure the Barcode Scanner Source and search and select your Printer
  7. Start Creating Orders – Learn how to create orders in your iPad POS from here.

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