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Setup Primaseller


Before we get started, here’s a quick 6 minute tutorial about the overall functioning of Primaseller:

We recommend that you start your Primaseller setup in the following sequence for an optimal experience:

  1. Setting Up Facilities
  2. Setting Up Channels
  3. Setting Up Products
  4. Configuration settings

Setting Up Facilities

A facility is a storage location where you keep your stock or inventory. Inventory/stock is the count of products that you have with you. A facility can be your warehouse or retail store.

Learn how to add a new facility or edit an existing facility here

Setting Up Channels

Channels are sources of orders. These could be:

  1. Your stores where customers walk-in – Point of Sale Channel
  2. Your online web stores built using Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopify
  3. Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  4. B2B Channels which depict your wholesale trade and Manual Orders

Learn how to setup each of these channels here

Products or Channels. What should be added first?

This depends on the channels you sell on and the channel which has your most comprehensive product catalog.

Case 1. If you are selling through a marketplace or web store like Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce and have a very comprehensive catalog of products live on any of these, then it is recommended to proceed with creating a channel first.

Primaseller allows you to fetch products directly from online channels and store them under the Master Catalog. All these products will be added under the Default Category and will also be mapped to their respective channels.

Case 2. If you are selling through offline channels only, then you will be required to add products one by one or upload them using an excel. In this case, you can either create the channel first or upload the products first. Note that you will subsequently need to add the products to respective channel catalogs by importing it form the master catalog (simple bulk action available).

Setting Up Products

Products are the basic units of the Primaseller application. This is what you trade. Learn how to add products and inventory here:

Configuration Settings

Here are the top objects that we recommend you to setup

  1. Company Settings – link
  2. Time Zone Settings – link
  3. Setup Tax – link
  4. Invoice Configuration Settings – link
  5. User Permission Settings – link
  6. Shipper Configuration Settings – link
  7. Setup Suppliers- link
  8. Setup Categories – link
  9. Barcode Label Designs – link

Learn how to configure each of these and more here

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