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Shipper Configuration



  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left menu
  2. Click on Shipper Configuration under the heading, Shipping 

There are three type of shippers that we support:

Integrated Shippers

You will land on the shipper configuration summary page with a list of all your existing and configured shippers, and an icon to add/configure more shippers.

  1. Click on Add Shipper icon. This will take to the list of all integrated shippersconfigure your shippers here
  2. Select the shipper which you want to add and provide details as asked in the subsequent screens. Click here to know more about connection credentials for integrated shippers.

You may not get the option to select a shipper template if the shipper provides a specific template.

Custom Shippers

If you are using services of a logistic partner which does not exists in the list of shippers we have displayed, you can add it as a Custom Shipper.

Add a custom Shipper

  1. Select the Custom Shipper icon to add a shipper which is not in the integrated shipper listprimaseller integrates with leading shippers
  2. Give your shipper a name so that you can recognize it by that name at the time of shipper assignment and on the Manifest

Note: Primaseller does not check for serviceability by pincode/zipcode/postal code when you are allocating a shipper. In case you are using an Integrated shipper or one of the channel shipping partners, then shippers themselves check this.

Channel Shippers

These shippers are automatically created if you are based in India and have Flipkart or Amazon India channels.

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