Square Integration

Countries Supported

Please refer to this link to check if Square is supported in your country.

Pre-configuration settings in Square

Before you connect your account with Primaseller, please do the following in your Square Admin module in the browser (not in the iPad app)

  1. Please create a location with a nickname ‘Primaseller‘ of type ‘MOBILE‘. Navigation: Account & Settings -> Locations Ensure that this location is ACTIVE.
    Primaseller does not support Square's Physical Locations

    All Physical locations you have, need to be configured in Primaseller. In Square, you need to keep only one Location and you need to name it “Primaseller“. All Payment transactions will be registered to this location. In due time, we will allow mapping of Square Locations to Primaseller POS Stores – please watch this space for updates.

  2. Primaseller will use this location to collect and process payments initiated through Square. We will not be able to connect your Square account until you have this location created.
  3. Please ensure that you do not connect the same Square account with Primaseller more than once.

Configuring Square in Primaseller

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Payment Methods
  2. Click on Add Payment and Select Payment Type “Square”
  3. Configure whether this is will be displayed on POS (and B2B) as a payment methodĀ 
  4. Click on Save
  5. On the Payment method List, next to Square, click on the connect link which will lead you to Square hosted Login PageĀ 
  6. If you don’t have a Square Account, click on “Sign Up” to fill in your details and create an account on the fly. Else sign in using your credentials.
  7. You will then see a confirmation message that your Square account is connected. You can go ahead and accept payments from your customers using your Square account!

Modes of Payment Collection

The Primaseller-Square Integration allows you to charge your customers by

  • Your Square Device using Primaseller’s iOS App – Note that Square Devices are supported via the iOS App only. On the browser, the other two options listed below are available.
  • Using the web application(via browser on PC/Mac or Laptop) where you can directly enter card details to charge against a Payment on an order. This option appears if you choose Square as a payment method for your POS or B2B order.
  • Send an email with the Invoice which contains a “Pay Now” button that customers can click, add customer details and pay

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