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Getting your Amazon Channel Credentials from Seller Central

To enable Primaseller to connect with your Amazon seller account, please follow the following steps:
  1. Depending on which country’s Amazon channel you are connecting to, select the relevant link from below:
  2. A new page will open up, look out for Sign Up for MWS button amazon_connection_step1
  3. Login to MWS using your seller central credentialsamazon_connection_step2_2
  4. Give access to Primaseller by selecting the third option and a Developer Account Number which depends on which country’s Amazon you are connecting to. List of Developer Account Numbers for respective amazon channels are given below:
    • Amazon Australia: 2560-9465-7071
    • Amazon Canada, Mexico and USA: 1067-6142-4842
    • Amazon India: 6792-9377-1852
    • Amazon UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy: 0477-7007-7736amazon_connection_step3
  5. If you come across a page asking for a confirmation, please select both the check-boxes (this is very important, please make sure that both the check boxes are selected to provide sufficient permissions to Primaseller)amazon_connection_step3_2
  6. Save the Seller Id and MWS Authorisation Tokenamazon_connection_step4_2
  7. Come back to the Primaseller application and click on the Connect Button for Amazon channel
  8. Paste the “Seller Id” and “MWS Authorisation Token” at the respective places:amazon_connection_step5_2-copy
  9. Click on Connect

If all the details are provided correctly, the channel’s status will change from Disconnected to Connected, else an error will be displayed on top right side of the screen.

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