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Mapping Products from Online Channels with Primaseller

The key to managing product syncing with your channels is the presence of a Mapped Channel Catalog entry. A mapped entry is where you have an SKU in Primaseller Mapped to a Seller SKU Code and Channel SKU Code from the channel. To learn more about SKU, Seller SKU and Channel SKU codes, read this article.
Unmapped Items

Unmapped Items are Channel Catalog entries that do not have an SKU mapped to them. Click here to learn more about them.

This article should help explain the relationship of Inventory in Facilities and the Channel catalog:

Configuration to Automatically Map Products to Channel

In your Channel Configuration -> Please check the following flags:
    • “Auto create products fetched from Sync All actions” – This is set to on by default and ensures that Sync All will fetch new products
    • When the above is selected another option is  “Add inventory quantity from channel” – This ensures that along with the products, inventory is also fetched. Else the default inventory is zero

Note: Don’t worry about inventory changing as soon as the product is fetched. By default the inventory sync is disabled on channels and you can fetch products, adjust inventory and only then switch on inventory sync

Fetching Products from Online Channels

Select a channel as your base channel in which inventory & SKU codes are well organized.
  1. When you navigate to Products -> Channel Catalog, you will see a Sync All button.

When you click on Sync All, you can choose one or both of the options available:

  1. Sync existing Channel Catalog entries, update the inventory and the price of all of the entries.
  2. Fetch new products from your channel into Primaseller.

You can also access Sync All by:
Navigate to Products -> Product Actions in Products, click on “Fetch from online channel.” Choose the channel you want to fetch from. Click on Fetch. A similar pop-up appears as above. Select accordingly and click on Sync.

Managing Multiple Channels

  • Once you fetch a product from a channel and it is created under Products and SKUs, fetching the same product from a second channel will use the existing SKU and update the channel Catalog of the second channel. It will also use inventory which exists in the system at that time.

Note: It is important that the SKU code is the same across channels for a smooth ‘Sync All’ function across channels.

Handling Composite SKUs on Online Channels

  • When fetched from online channels, all products are created as regular simple SKUs
  • You can choose to convert a simple SKU into a Composite SKU by navigating to Products -> Product details -> SKU Actions -> Convert to Composite SKU
  • You should be doing this only when the SKU listed online actually represents multiple individual simple SKUs
  • On conversion, the channel catalog is automatically updated and the inventory of the combined bundle of child SKUs is synced with all channels instead of the inventory of the initial simple SKU that was listed.


At what time does inventory/price get updated?

  • Whenever the inventory gets modified by user action or by an order blocking the inventory of an SKU, then all channels linked to that facility for inventory reporting, get the inventory updates
  • Whenever the price on a channel catalog entry gets updated, we update the price of the product on that channel
  • These changes are reflected on the channel every 5 minutes on an average of 2.5 minutes
Note: We only fetch price and inventory from a channel when the product is created. Subsequently, inventory and price is only pushed from Primaseller and any changes in inventory and price that you make on the channel will be overridden.

What Attributes of the Products do you update on the Channel?

Once a product is created/fetched from a channel, we only update Price and Inventory and no other attribute of the Product. You need to make such edits on the channel directly.

How do I sync individual Products in the Channel Catalog?

The Sync Now icon next to each row is a way to sync individual products instead of the entire catalog. Here’s what it does:
  1. For unmapped entries where Channel SKU Code is missing, if Seller SKU Code is found on the channel, it fetches the corresponding Channel SKU Codes.
  2. It initiates an Inventory and Price Update event for that channel.

What if my Seller SKU Code for each channel is different?

  • You can override the source of Inventory for each SKU that gets updated on the online channel catalog by editing a record and changing the SKU for that corresponding SKU. Learn more about it here.
  • In this scenario, please use Sync All carefully to ensure your Channel SKUs don’t get mixed up and are mapped to the correct SKU.

Having issues syncing your inventory with an online channel? Read this.


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