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Taxation in Primaseller

The transaction of money is subject to the tax system prevailing in a geographic region. Primaseller enables you to create your own tax classes, thus allowing you to setup taxation norms for different geographical areas.
You can assign these classes to your list of products or services by creating some very simple tax rules. You can set your tax rules based for:
  1. Services or Products:  All products within the selected category will inherit the taxes as per the rules, if set at the category level. You can also apply separate tax rules for Shipping and Service items as well.
  2. From and To Location: Depending on where you are selling your product or service from and where you are shipping, Primaseller applies different tax classes on your invoices

Tax Configuration Navigation

  1. Click on Settings icon from the left menu.
  1. Click on Tax Configuration under the heading- Payments, Tax and Invoicing.

You will then land on the Tax Configuration page from where you can set up your Tax classes and Tax rules. You can also use Tax Rule Checker to find which tax rule have you applied to a particular product/category.

Pricing Being Inclusive or Exclusive of Tax

You can configure whether your prices in all your orders will be inclusive or exclusive in this Tax configuration:

You can override this at a channel level where a similar option can be set in each channel’s configuration page.

Creating a Tax Class

  1. Click on Tax Classes under Tax configuration as shown above
  2. You will land on a page with a list of current tax classes
  3. To create a new tax class click on Add tax class in the top right corner
  4. Give a name to a tax class. Usually, you can combine your tax class and tax rate to create a tax class name. For example, if your tax name is VAT and its rate is 30 you can create a tax class name as vat_30.
  5. Fill the tax name like VAT, CST, Service Tax. You can have a single tax rate or a combination of upto 3 Tax rates
  6. Multiple Tax rates per Tax class will be added up before applying and not compounded.

Creating Tax Rules

Tax Rules define the mapping of Tax Classes to either complete categories or individual products. Tax applied to a product will override any tax rule applied to its category if present. Tax rules can also be setup for shipping charges and other service items.

  1. Click on Taxation Rules under Tax configuration as shown above
  2. You will land on a page with a summary of tax rules you would have applied earlier
  3. To create a new tax rule, click on Add taxation rule in the to the right corner of the page
  4. Select the category/product you want to apply the tax rule to
  5. Select the Selling From and Selling To fields that correspond to the item you are selling
  6. Apply the tax rule from the already created tax rules

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