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Taxation – Old

This Help Document is outdated

This Tax document is for the old tax structure which existed in Primaseller till 8th March 2017. To learn about the new Tax structure implemented on 9th March 2017, please refer to this help document: https://help.primaseller.com/knowledge-base/taxation-2/

There can be various types of taxes applicable, like VAT, CST, GST, Service Tax, etc., depending on the country of your operation. You can create your own tax classes and then assign these classes to your list of products by creating some very simple tax rules.

Tax rules can be set up at the:

  1. Category level: All products within the selected category will inherit the taxes as per the rules set at the category level
  2. SKU level: The tax rules set at the product level will override the rules at the category level (if already set)


  1. Click on Settings icon from the left menu
  1. Click on Tax Configuration under the heading, Payments, Tax and Invoicing

You will then land on the Tax Configuration page from where you can set up your Tax classes and Tax rules.

Tax Classes

A Tax Class represents the following:

  • What is the Tax Type – VAT/GST/Sales/CST/Service or Custom
  • What is the percentage value – Ex. 10%
  • Whether it is for the entire country or specific for the facility of a certain state
  • If for a certain state – what is the cross border tax type and percentage

Adding Tax Classes and Rules

Tax Rules

Tax Rules define the mapping of Tax Classes to either complete categories or individual products. Tax Class – Product rules will override any Tax Class – Category rules if present.



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