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Handling Unfulfilled Order Items

Unfulfilled Order Items

An order item which is fetched in Primaseller and has insufficient inventory is called an Unfulfilled Order. Such order items cannot be processed until you add inventory for them to the associated facility.

You can find the list of all the unfulfilled order items by selecting the Unfulfilled option under the Order Items submenu.

Here are four reasons why order items are listed as unfulfilled:

  1. A customer created an order before an inventory update was pushed from Primaseller (the probability of that happening is less if inventory and orders are properly managed from Primaseller)
  2. If you have configured channels which permit creating orders for products with zero inventory (like Magento/Shopify/B2B, etc.)
  3. If you are reporting inventory to the channel(s) from a combination of facilities. In such cases, when you receive an order on Primaseller and a particular facility is allocated, chances are that the inventory for that order item might be available at some other facility, but not at the one which was assigned automatically.
  4. You are updating a fixed value as inventory to the channel(s). In such cases, the probability of getting orders for out-of-stock products is very high.

Processing Unfulfilled Order Items

You will not be able to process the order items till you make them fulfillable. You can make them fulfillable in two ways:

  • By adding inventory for them: This can be done in two ways
    • raising purchase order(s) and marking it as received, or
    • adding stock directly

Adding inventory moves the item from Unfulfilled -> Blocked

  • By Force Blocking them, i.e. adding them to shipments without adding any stock for them. This will not deduct inventory and allow order to be processed.

Adding Inventory for Unfulfilled Order Items

To add stock for the order items, select the order items you want to fulfill and select the appropriate option from the Bulk Action drop down button. On selecting one of the given options, you will be required to follow the normal procedure of adding inventory or raising purchase orders based on the option chosen.

Click here to read more about Suppliers and purchase orders.

Click here to read more about adding Inventory directly into the system.

Using Force Fulfillment

Force fulfillment is for the order items for which you don’t have inventory on Primaseller (or items you don’t want to add inventory for), but you want to continue with the order processing anyway.

In the case of force fulfillment, no stock will be added to the corresponding order item. That is, no inventory will be added for the SKU which has been ordered. You will be asked to confirm your action when creating shipments for an order which contains at least one unfulfilled order item.


Q. I am managing my stock from Primaseller for all the channels. However, I received orders for order items which are out of stock. Why?

A. As discussed above in the article, there can be certain scenarios where you might receive orders for unfulfilled order items even after managing your inventory from Primaseller. Since, in most of the cases (i.e. all three except the first one), it depends on a vendor’s configuration, we will discuss in detail the first case where it may still happen even if all the other scenarios are handled.

Primaseller helps in minimizing the chances of getting out of stock orders by updating your stock regularly on various channels, but the possibilities of getting an order for a zero-inventory product cannot be ruled out.

Example: You have one quantity for a product “X” of yours. Suppose an order for product “X” is received on Amazon.com and it was fetched onto Primaseller in 5 minutes. Primaseller will then auto-assign the facility (if you have configured it that way) and will block the inventory for this order item (which will make the inventory level for “X” on Primaseller as 0). It will then update all the other channels about the change in the inventory level for “X” (zero in this case). This whole process  happens automatically every 5 minutes. Unfortunately, if in this 5-10 minutes interval, you receive an order from any other channel, it will automatically become an unfulfilled order item.

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