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Suppliers in Primaseller

A supplier is an individual or business who supplies goods to his buyer(retailer/wholesaler). As a buyer, you can raise a purchase order to the supplier for procuring the items you need at your store/warehouse.

A Supplier can have multiple Supplier SKUs which define the Code and Price at which the Supplier identifies your SKUs.

A purchase order typically requires the name of the item, its quantity, price, payment status, vendor details as well as the Supplier’s currency. Hence, before raising a purchase order, you will have to set up the supplier from whom you want to procure the goods.

After you log in to your Primaseller account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Purchases from the left menu
  1. Select the Suppliers sub menu

Steps of adding a new supplier

  1. Click on Add New Supplier
  2. Enter all the relevant supplier information on that page. Provide SLA days and credit period. You can always edit it later by clicking on the name of the supplier. 
    Multiple email IDs for a supplier

    You can now add multiple comma seperated email IDs per supplier in Primaseller in the email field.

  3. Enter the address details of the supplier
  4. If you are subscribed to an advanced plan on Primaseller, you can set Auto-PO creation enabled for this supplier. To create automatic purchase orders, it is important to enable Auto PO Creation.
  5. Click on Save

  1. Read more on how to manage the Supplier SKUs
  2. Learn about Purchase Orders here.
  3. To know more about terms like SLA and credit period, visit Glossary.

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