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What hardware does Primaseller support?

The Hardware you use depends on whether you are using the Web Application or the Primaseller POS app for the iPad.

For Browser Based Web Application and POS


Primaseller is a browser based application. This means that it will work on any device that supports a browser such as any Desktop/Laptop running on any operating system Windows /Mac / Linux.

Our software is fairly responsive and works on mobile and tablet screens for most modules, including our POS module.  We also have an iOS iPad app purely for POS functions as mentioned below.


The POS receipts can be printed on any Printer that can be connected to the device that reads HTML (Almost every printer supports HTML). Learn about selecting your Invoice Template here.

Barcodes can be printed using any thermal barcode printer. Configure your barcode templates here.

HP, Brother are common A4/Letter size paper printers whereas Star TSP 100 and Canon are common Receipt Printers. However, as we mentioned, we support anything that works for printing from a browser.


Most devices support USB connected barcode scanners as well as Bluethooth supported scanners from multiple manufacturers and Primaseller supports all these devices for scanning products during store billing, modifying inventory, etc.

Honeywell and Motorola are some of the more popular barcode scanners.

Mobiles and Tablets

Primaseller is responsive on most pages and hence will also function on any mobile and tablet device.

iPad POS App

The hardware needed for the iPad App is more specific than what the web-browser version supports. Here is what we recommend:

  • Apple iPad with iOS 10 and above – see supported devices
  • Star Thermal Printers – particularly models listed below:


  • SocketMobile Scanners (Versions D700, D730, D740, S700, S730, S740, S800(8Ci), S850(8Qi), 7Ci, 7Di, 7Mi, 7Pi). Note, this is optional as you can use the iPad cameras (both front and back) to scan items. See instructions to connect your scanner here.
  • Square Reader – if you want to use Square as an integrated Payment Processor. Else you can use any payment processor which is not integrated and by manually entering the amount on the device and charging the card.


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