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Point of Sale Software in Primaseller

Point Of Sale Software is the tool used to manage billing and inventory management in your retail stores. You do not need any specific hardware to use Primaseller in your store. It works on a browser using any device such as a PC/Mac/iPad or Laptop that you use in your store.

The POS module consists of two key components:

  1. Store
  2. Register


The location that holds the stock. To configure it, go to Settings from the left menu. Click on Warehouses and Stores under Facilities

A POS Store represents a group of one or more registers that you have at your store. In addition, a POS Store defines the source of inventory for the sale of the registers, the invoice number sequence that is used on invoices, the way a printed invoice looks and most importantly, the products and pricing of products that you are selling.


Each POS Store has one default register. A POS register represents one checkout lane in your store where your customers are billed and they pay for their purchases. You would configure permissions on which employees in your organization has access to a particular POS register.

Typically, you would create one POS Store for each store that you have. Within that POS Store, create registers for each checkout lane.

  • Learn how to create a new POS Order here
  • Learn how to add a new POS Store on Primaseller here


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